The secret ingredient of the Cheese Ham Bratwurst

Our sausage master Pascal from Kaohsiung was and still is a big fan of cheese sausages. One day, he decided to make his own!

He took the famous Classic Bratwurst as a base and then experimented with many different types of cheese and recipes. He tried it with bigger and smaller pieces of cheese and went to many different supermarkets across Taiwan. Unfortunately, most of them did not match his taste.

After many failed attempts, he finally found the most suitable cheese for his cheese sausage. It was the cheddar cheese from Costco! That’s the one that convinced him in terms of taste and consistency.

However, when Pascal finalized the perfect recipe for his cheese sausage, he realized that there was still something missing taste-wise. He wanted to add another flavor. Finally, he came up with the idea of chopping up his homemade Kassler Smoked Ham into little pieces and adding them to the cheese sausage.

That's the secret ingredient of the Cheese Ham Bratwurst! It's not a normal ham that is added to the cheese but his selfmade Kassler Smoked Ham.

By the way, if you want to try the Cheese Ham Bratwurst yourself but are not sure yet if you will like it or not, we recommend ordering the Party-Mix first since there are 2 Cheese Ham sausages inside each package for you to try.

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