Thanks for joining the October beer festival 2022

Last month, more than 400 people joined the Hofbräu München Oktoberfest at MAJI 集食行樂.

The guests enjoyed the atmosphere of a real German October Beer Festival with live music, dancing, lots of beer, and amazing German food.

People were hungry when they entered the venue and lined up in front of our booth immediately. Besides serving our famous authentic German Bratwurst with bread and Bautzner mustard, we also prepared other dishes such as meat sandwiches. This time we also offered an "October Stew", special rich soup with lots of vegetables and our smoked German Sausage (Mettenden). The Oktoberfest crowd loved it!

Great thank you to all who joined this event!

If you also want to enjoy the taste of our authentic German sausages, you can attend this year's 德國商品 X 聖誕市集 German Christmas Market at the beginning of December (at EXPO park from 2nd to 4th Dec.). More information will be coming soon. Stay tuned!