Jazz Swing Festival 2023 – Let’s have a picnic!

"Let's have a picnic." - That is the motto of this year's Jazz Swing Festival in New Taipei City. Enjoy a comfortable Spring atmosphere, lots of delicious food and drinks, and of course relaxing jazz music at this event. Additionally, there will be some nicely decorated places for taking pictures. Remember to bring your picnic mat and have fun with friends and family all day and night.

We will fire up the BBQ so that you can enjoy our authentic German sausages. We will offer three different flavors for you to try: Classic, Spicy, and Chicken Curry. The sausages can be ordered with a German bread roll, German sauerkraut, or both of them as a set. All dishes can be topped with original Bautz'ner mustard from Germany. Last but not least, we will have refreshing draft beer and cotton candy. Cotton candy is the perfect sweet treat for the kids.

Come to find us at booth number 15!

Event details:

Date & Time: 18 and 19, 2023 (Saturday & Sunday) 14:00-20:00

Venue: New Taipei Metropolitian Park (next to MRT Sanchong Station)

Transportation: Please use public transportation to go to the venue

Fee: Free admission

We are looking forward to seeing you, your friends, and your family at this year's Jazz Swing Festival. 

Click HERE if you want to learn more about the event or check the Facebook page of the organizer.